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Mar. 2

Ekphrastic Poetry


Mirror, Mirror

I won an Honorable Mention for my poem "Mirror, Mirror" in the Houston Museum of Fine Art's ekphrastic poetry competition.  They picked nine pieces of art for poets to write about, one a carved wooden mirror from 19th-century Italy.  I would have loved a first place (more bucks), but, as my husband says, "It's better than a sharp stick in the eye."  Anyway . . . here is the poem.


Mirror, Mirror


What faces have been reflected in this glass?

The artisan, of course, his smug visage

admiring his own handiwork of

carved red pine and gilded paint

as he first hung it on the wall,

his wife smoothing a dark errant curl

slipping loose from her elegant comb,

his young son standing on tippy-toe to find

his brown eyes looking back in surprise.

Countless other faces in the ensuing years:

grave gentlemen straightening their collars ...

Listening to the whispering pines

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