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Nov. 22

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Hello, Pauley's Dual Credit Students

Gertrude and Claudius:  An Old Play Made New


       Hamlet, Shakespeare's most famous tragedy, relates the story of a royal prince who learns that his father, the king of Denmark, has been murdered by his own brother Claudius.  But the most interesting character has to be Queen Gertrude, who quickly marries her brother-in-law after her husband's untimely death.  Young Hamlet has a love-hate relationship with his mother-aunt.  Shakespeare writes the play in such a way that the audience is never sure of her complicity in the murder.  And neither is her son.

       John Updike wrote the novel Gertrude and Claudius as a retelling of the classic play.  The novel mostly intrigues those already familiar with the original work because Updike takes lines straight from the Bard and adroitly mixes them with his own words.  Whenever I came across a ...

Listening to the whispering pines

Hello. My name is Donna Cozart Pauley. Welcome to The Whispering Pines, a literary blog dedicated to my love of the written word. It is an eclectic collage of my life -- from my poems to my stories to my family to my pets to my causes to my photographs to my recipes to my love of teaching to my favorite literature. Please feel free to comment. Words are only important if they are heard or read. Just like those soundless trees falling in the forest.

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