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Feb. 10

"What can be explained is not poetry."


William Butler Yeats

In 1889 Yeats met Maud Gonne, a beautiful young heiress, actress, and ardent Irish revolutionary.  Claiming “that’s when all the trouble of my life began,” he became obsessively infatuated with her; she was to have a lifelong effect on both his poetry and his life.  He asked her to marry him four times.  She rejected him each time.  And then his poetic muse marries another, but the marriage soon ends in divorce after the birth of their only child.  Yeats and Gonne finally consummate their relationship ...

Feb. 10

An English Teacher, a Cynic, and a Book of Poetry


Did He Really Say That?

As a person with two literature degrees and jobs teaching high school English during the day and college writing classes in the evenings, I was hoping for progeny who shared my love of the literary word.  Fat chance.  Instead I was blessed with two sons, both left-brained computer geeks who blithely sneer at my love of literature and all things poetic.  Especially my younger son Cody.


Cody Mitchell is a piece of work.  Standing a lean 6’4” with a crown of kinky brown curls (when he was a freshman in high school, he grew his curly fro so long, it listed to the left),  he has dark brown eyes, the left one topped by a cow-licked eyebrow that has a mind of its own, giving him a look of perpetual smirk.  His intellect is only ...

Listening to the whispering pines

Hello. My name is Donna Cozart Pauley. Welcome to The Whispering Pines, a literary blog dedicated to my love of the written word. It is an eclectic collage of my life -- from my poems to my stories to my family to my pets to my causes to my photographs to my recipes to my love of teaching to my favorite literature. Please feel free to comment. Words are only important if they are heard or read. Just like those soundless trees falling in the forest.

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