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May. 31

The Year Was Too Short


My 6th Period AP Lit Class

What a lovely way to end my day:  a group of students who soaked up literature and learning like sponges.  It's because of kids like this that I love being a teacher. (I've always said I have the best job in the world.) Sitting in a Socratic circle with this crew was much more like a college class than a high school one.  But they could be just as goofy as they could be erudite.  We spent the year sailing up the Congo with Marlow and Mr. Kurtz and romping with Chaucer and the Wife of Bath through the Canterbury Tales.  We waded through poetry with playful abandon and read novels that will forever change us.


Poetry should always be a part of our lives.  It reminds us of what is important in the world.  As Robert Frost once said ...

May. 31

I'm Gonna Miss Y'all


My 1st Period AP Lit Class

What a lovely way to start my day each morning at Alvin High School:  a hot cup of chai tea latte and a great group of kids.  We started the year with lively Socratic discussions of all things Congo and ended with the quintessential Mark Twain, whom I hope has become a favorite of my students.  We made wild forays into poetry with the metaphysical John Donne and the quirky Billy Collins, my literary heart throb.  We plumbed the depths of Shakespeare's Melacholy Dane with a melodramatic Hamlet and an Ophelia who wore her wreath of flowers with elan. 


We should always keep poetry in our lives.  It makes us human.  As Robert Frost once said, "A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness . . . It finds the thought and the thought finds ...

May. 17

Mrs. Pauley's Dual Credit Students


Welcome to . . .


Are you ready for a little poetry analysis?  Jump in and have fun.  But remember:  erudite responses.

May. 3

The Sonnet


William Shakespeare

What could I possibly say about William Shakespeare that hasn’t already been said?  Nothing, I suppose.  But I can repeat some things.  He married twenty-six-year-old Anne Hathaway, who was several months pregnant, when he was eighteen.  He left his wife behind in Stratford when he took off for London in search of fame and fortune.  He found both.  In his will, he famously left to his wife his “second best bed.”  What a guy.


Shakespeare didn’t stay lonely in London.  Rumors abounded ...

Listening to the whispering pines

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