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Jul. 19

Uncle Walt


A Poet's America


            Walt Whitman was a much beloved 19th-century American poet.  Back in the day, poets were much more appreciated than they are in our fast-paced, technology-driven times.  It was often said of him in his later years that his flowing white beard attracted butterflies.  I can only imagine this must have been true.  Can’t you just picture him walking down the busy streets of the city, multi-colored, diaphanous wings flitting about his august head?

            Whitman revolutionized poetry, giving it a uniquely American voice.  He turned away from the strict, formal structure of the Europeans.  We Americans make our own way in the world, following no one else’s rules.  Whitman witnessed everything in life through the eyes and ears and heart of a poet.  We should all be so wise.


Listening to the whispering pines

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