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Aug. 27

Gov. Perry


Oops, He Did It Again

            I hate having my photo taken for a driver’s license or ID of any kind.  Somehow I always end up looking like a dufus with my eyes closed.  Nick Nolte can relate to a bad photo.  We’ve all seen his infamous wild-haired mug shot after a heavy night of drinking.

            But this is not true of Rick Perry, or Governor Good Hair as Molly Ivins called him.  He could give lessons in posing for suave mug shots.  Although his smile does have a hint of the self-satisfied smugness of a politician who has spent a few years too long in public office, 30 and counting.  I liked him a whole lot better as a young man, sporting home-made drawers stitched by his mama, who left the family farm in Paint Creek with big dreams ...

Aug. 9

. . .


The Orphan Train

           Mahatma Gandhi once said that we can judge a society by the way it treats its animals.  If that’s the case, many of my family members already have jewels in their heavenly crowns.  My own animal love started with Mamma, my maternal grandmother.  She helped my siblings and me to raise a passel of orphaned animals when we were children.  We bottle fed two different litters of baby raccoons and raised a baby possum who loved to hang upside down from our extended fingers while we tickled ...

Listening to the whispering pines

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