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Oct. 22

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Sepulcrum Bellum

Sepulcrum Bellum


“I thought I saw it all when I went to Phrygia and saw thousands of soldiers and gleaming

horses … that fated day when the Amazons swept down to fight against men.”

King Priam (The Iliad)


The Romans were experts in the art of warfare.

They waged war against the Sabines,

the Gauls, the Macedonians,

the Carthaginians, the Amazons –

not the one-breasted warrior goddesses of Hellenic myth

who maimed their bodies to become better fighters –

but real, flesh-and-blood women:

Queen Boudicca of ancient Britain,

who is flogged, her daughters raped by their Roman captors;

Queen Zenobia of Palmyra,

who, once defeated, is taken to Rome as a spoil of war.


Here they are immortalized –

both the Romans and the Amazons –

locked in perpetual mortal combat

in the smooth silence of the stony sarcophagus.

Standing in the museum, admiring the piece ...

Listening to the whispering pines

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