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Jul. 12

In memoriam . . .



We lost our Aunt Imogene this past spring.  In the photo I am standing between her and my brother Daryl Mitchell, whom we lost many, many years ago.  Imogene was one of a kind.  This is the poem I wrote for her funeral:


A one-name dame, no middle one

           ever needed

                  She is in angel hours now

Count the words she spoke

                        she heard

                        she read

                        she dreamed

     The spaces between words,

            the moments of silence

She looked back through her life in that final sleep

     Each birthday        Each  husband

     Each trip               Each glazed ceramic

     Each pan of cornbread        Each pitcher of sweet tea

She could have graced the pages of any fashion magazine

     This skinny, freckled little girl born in the back woods of Panola County

     This teenager who mailed letters to Hollywod ...

Listening to the whispering pines

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