The Year of My German Soldier The Year of My German Soldier

Okay, this is it. The great American novel. At least my version of it. But I guess agents and publishers don't feel the same way because I'm still trying to get this crazy thing published. The novel is a year in the life of ten-year-old Pearl Bonner. It is set in rural East Texas in 1944. This is the prologue and the first nine chapters.

Theotokos Theotokos

Theotokis, a Greek word meaning god bearer, is the story of Jesus told by his mother Mary. I spent a year researching ancient Jewish society and the life of Jesus before I started writing. As soon as I finished the first draft of the manuscript, Ann Rice published the first of a set of books about the life of Jesus. It seems as if I'm always being one-upped by someone. This is the prologue and the first three chapters.

Listening to the whispering pines

Hello. My name is Donna Cozart Pauley. Welcome to The Whispering Pines, a literary blog dedicated to my love of the written word. It is an eclectic collage of my life -- from my poems to my stories to my family to my pets to my causes to my photographs to my recipes to my love of teaching to my favorite literature. Please feel free to comment. Words are only important if they are heard or read. Just like those soundless trees falling in the forest.

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